Beginner level part 2

Astrology is an experience that helps to avoid is unpleasantness in life. And to get closer to this art, welcome to the intermediate level. Astrology intermediate level lets you understand the Sade Sathi Ashtam Sani, the most significant part that every astrologer needs to have experience with. Under the course, you will be understanding the explanation of Lagna lord and its effect in the different houses along with the impact of the bhava lords with the detailed study about Gochar or Transit, Mahadasha Antar Dasha, chart prediction, Raj yoga, and Dhan yogas.

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What will i learn?
  • Basic of astrology

Curriculum for this course
20 Lessons 20:00:03 Hours
20 Lessons 20:00:03 Hours
  • Sun
  • moon
  • Venus
  • Mars
  • Rahu
  • Saturn
  • Ketu
  • Sun in different house 1st to 6th ( Beginner level part 2 ) 02:05:13
  • Sun In Different Houses ( Beginner level part 2 ) 01:23:18
  • Moon In Different Houses ( Beginner level part 2 ) 01:47:24
  • Moon 1st - 4th ( Beginner level part 2 ) 01:30:32
  • Moon 5th-12th & Mars 1st ( Beginner level part 2 ) 01:48:26
  • Venus 1st-7th ( Beginner level part 2 ) 01:53:30
  • Mars 2nd-6th ( Beginner level part 2 ) 01:22:07
  • Mars 7th-12th ( Beginner level part 2 ) 01:09:22
  • Rahu 1st-6th ( Beginner level part 2 ) 01:28:50
  • Rahu 7th-12th ( Beginner level part 2 ) 01:15:53
  • Saturn 1st-6th ( Beginner level part 2 ) 01:27:53
  • Saturn 7th-12th & Ketu 1st ( Beginner level part 2 ) 01:02:44
  • Ketu 2nd-12th ( Beginner level part 2 ) 01:44:51
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Our Astromani course comprises all the vital details of Vedic Astrology, such as basics of astrology, description of planets, bhavas to Rashi Parichay. This is a specially designed online astrology course for individuals who come from different backgrounds but want to pursue their career in this direction.

This is the basic astrology course that will give you an insight into the introduction of sun and moon and its traits in the different houses. This is the complete package where traits of Mercury, Rahu, Ketu, Saturn, Jupiter, Venus in different houses.

The facility of online classes has made it very convenient to learn astrology anywhere and everywhere. Asttrolok is one of the best online astrology institutes that teaches this divine science via video course.

Who this course is for:

    This course is for everyone who has an interest in the study of astrology.

    Any person is interested in learning more about their astrological chart.

    Any person who wants to clear the basics of astrology.

    Any person who is interested in the prediction future to help and heal people.

    If you are keen to know the secrets behind your zodiac sign.

What Will You Get?


Our Astrology Beginner Level course gives you lifetime & unlimited access to:

    Explainer Videos


    Printable Notes

    Discussion Group

    Practical Assignments


    Lifetime Access

    Teacher Support


Meet the Teacher:

This Astrology course is taught by the renowned international celebrity astrologer Alok Khandelwal, founder of the Asttrolok- The Institute of Vedic Astrology (International Celebrity Astrologer)

Mr. Alok Khandelwal is one of the world's renowned celebrity astrologer who has made his name for brilliance in Astrology, Numerology, Vastu, and Palmistry. Receiving the divine knowledge of Astrology from his father, who was a famous astrologer in their native town, Mr. Khandelwal secretly developed an interest in this subject, which eventually became a career prospect for him.

Although he has multiple degrees like MBA Marketing, MA Psychology and MA in Economics, he always felt the necessity to promote this ancient heritage of 'Supreme-Science to help individuals grow and learn about the facts of cosmic energies and planetary influence that acts on our world every single minute like gravity.

Frequently Asked Question:

What qualifications are required to do this course?

There is no qualification required. Anybody can do this course who have the interest to learn astrology and build a career as a professional astrologer. 

What will get included in the study material?

We will provide you an entire study material which will help you a lot. Our study material includes ppt & video recordings.

How will the study material be provided?

Study material (PPT & VIDEO) will be provided online through mail or WhatsApp. 

How long can I access the video recordings & notes?

We give all the video recordings and notes which you can access for a lifetime.

What if I have any questions during the course?

You can ask all you doubt in the given chat box on the app. You can drop your question, and we will contact you asap with the answer. 

Will there be practical & assignments?

Yes, we conduct practical to make our students more perfect, as well as you need to submit assignments during the course.

How will the exam be conducted?

After every course, we give a month for preparation then, an online exam will be there, which is mandatory to attend to get certified in astrology.

Will I get a certificate? How do I receive the certificate after I finish the

course? Is there any extra cost for it?

Yes, the certificate will be given without any extra cost.

It will be given only on purchasing all the 3 parts - Astrology beginner level, intermediate level & advance level.

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